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Let’s get back to building games.

  1. The future of Web3 games is not in X to earn
  2. Games will be multi-chain and multi-realm

In folklore, crossroads represent a location between worlds. For us, the future of the Metaverse will be built on the crossroads where AI and Games meet.

If this is your first time learning about Delysium, Delysium is an AI-powered open world with diverse Free-to-Own universes set in a dystopian Cyberpunk world.

Beyond that — Delysium is the first playable AAA Web3 game, the first AI-powered one, and now the first to implement a decentralized publishing structure.

Today marks the official launch of our open recruitment for Delysium Multiverse Operators (DMOs).

What is a Delysium Multiverse Operator?

The future of web3 is decentralized, and together, we are looking to build and operate the Delysium game ecosystem with our DMOs. Delysium Multiverse Operators are our partners, sharing in the development and XYZ.

Delysium Multiverse Operators (DMO) are able to utilize any token of On-chain Incentives and customize distribution rules for all players. At the same time, Delysium Multiverse Operator (DMO) could co-produce with the professional game development team of Delysium to build diverse gameplay, in-game items, AI MetaBeings, etc.

The future of Gaming will be multi-chain and multi-realm, and each Multiverse operator will use Delysium as a baseline to build a different game and reality — supported by the Delysium team’s award-winning AI technology and creation engine.

What does this look like for players?

Players will participate as if they are playing a traditional game and on-chain incentive layers based on the DMO.

We believe that the Delysium platform has the potential to completely transform the way that players work, play, socialize and transact. Because of Delysium's creation engine, these multi-verses will look very different from each other with different genres, gameplay, and unique AI-powered NPCs.

The application gateway is as follows: Apply for Delysium Multiverse Operator


1/ Free-to-Own Universes

2/ Operate a Superb Quality Game

3/ Utilize Any Token as On-chain Incentives Layer (OIL)

4/ Customize Distribution Rules Based on Diverse Gameplay

5/ Co-produce with Delysium Team


1/ Free-to-Own Universes

The Delysium Multiverse, is a collective formed from individual DMO operated universes, making up a highly diversified game experience spanning multiple genres and on-chain incentive layers (OIL).

The Delysium Multiverse License (DML) will be issued through a free-mint in the form of a NFT and would allow holders to become candidates for Delysium Multiverse Operators (DMO).

2/ Operate a Superb Quality Game

Delysium is a AAA open-world game with multiple cutting-edge implementations such as a seamless Open-World map, exploration and collection mechanisms, destructive environments etc.

Players can gain as much freedom as possible to live in and interact with the game.

Meanwhile, the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) genre also provides players with more opportunities to do the social networking among those team-based experience and factional features.

With the help of Experience Editor, a robust platform that is highly malleable, allowing for the creation of worlds and an array of unprecedented interactivity for players powered by the in-house generative AI layer, users will be able to create User-Generated Content (UGC) — with an existing collection of in-game assets available for customization and immediate operation.

AI Metabeing Technology

Beyond the aforementioned features, the game-changing aspect of Delysium is the AI Metabeing technology.

AI Metabeings are granted private property rights in-game and can hold assets, participate in the economy as well as game modes, and earn income similar to human players. At the core, Metabeings are key contributors to Delysium ecosystems and engage in rational economic behavior such as consumption and investment.

AI Metabeings are built with neural systems, consisting of Conversational, Behavioral and Natural Language Processing (NLP) modules. These neural systems are algorithmically distributed, resulting in unique behaviors and personalities — driving the way that they conduct themselves in the virtual world.

With those AI MetaBeings massively distributed in every corner of Delysium, players can authentically enjoy a real dynamically generated game experience and lifestyle.

3/ Customizable On-chain Incentive Layer(OIL)

Authorized Wallets provided DMOs will provide exclusive access to DMO toolsets and roles. DMOs will be able to use customized distribution rules to issue on-chain incentives as fit based on player behavior and collected data points.

This incentive layer is highly flexible and can range from anything from fungible & non-fungible tokens to integration of other Layer 1 / 2 tokens or stablecoins.

For Delysium Multiverse Operator (DMO)

  • No need to deploy & maintain game server
  • Accessible to all gameplays & mechanics
  • Customized wallet for login system & user account
  • Customized in-game assets, e.g. character, weapon, building, battle pass
  • Customized on-chain incentives, e.g. project tokens, Layer 1 / Layer 2 tokens, stablecoins
  • Customized rules for incentives distribution

For Delysium Team

  • Deploy & maintain the united game server for all DMOs to create better network effect
  • Co-produce gameplays with DMOs to continuously provide better experience
  • Produce various types of in-game assets for DMOs to customize
  • Provide Open Data API for DMOs to obtain player data
  • Provide API for DMOs to set customized rules for incentives distribution

4/ Customizable Distribution Rules

Delysium Multiverse Operator(DMO) are able to design and set different distribution rules to issue on-chain incentives to players who meet the requirements which can be based on playtime, in-game performance, social relationships, and in-game contributions etc.

The first stage of this process is through Delysium’s Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale is currently being developed by the Delysium Team and will kick off its first season with the launch of Alpha Version in Oct 2022.

Delysium’s battle royale is a player versus player shooter game mode where 42 players look to fight for survival in a last-man standing deathmatch, with the objective being to remain the last survivor.

The last survivors in each match will be distributed Tokens, ingame resources and NFTs as rewards. Overall rankings in the game mode is recorded and players on the top leaderboards are eligible for recurring, unique end-of-season rewards.

Through this model, there could be several types of Battle Royale (PVP) based on different distribution rules, with the following being some examples.

5/ Co-produce with Delysium Team

At its core, creating engaging experiences for users will be the key to the retention and sustainability of games.

Through our Decentralized Game Publishing structure, Delysium Multiverse Operators (DMO) will be able to work with the Delysium Game Development Team to continuously innovate, creating new game modes, revenue models and diverse gameplay.

To us, this is the natural next step in UGC — the most efficient and effective way of bridging the space between Web2 and Web3 — unlocking a limitless potential for experiences.

Apply for DMO

  1. Go to this link: Apply for Delysium Multiverse Operator
  2. Fill in the information & Submit


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Building AI-Powered Virtual Society with $AGI.

Buy DMA and earn $AGI early:

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The goal of Delysium has been to construct a virtual world where 1 billion individuals and 100 billion AI Virtual Beings coexist on blockchain.

These virtual natives can be not only the digital version of ourselves but also our companions and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) shuttling across diverse scenarios including games, communities, media platforms, and more.

In Delysium, everyone can create their own AI Virtual Being and gradually develop their personalities and capabilities. Besides playing games with them, players can interact with their AI Virtual Beings to learn about crypto, check & trade crypto assets, discover crypto opportunities, and get warned ahead of the risks through natural language conversations.

Moreover, powered by the decentralized game publishing structure, an increasing number of games with customized tokenomics and on-chain assets (such as NFTs or tokens) will be connected, and that will gradually make the AI-Powered Virtual Society more prosperous.

As of now, the AI Virtual Beings are available to use on Delysium official website, and Delysium is the first playable game with AAA-quality that has been listed on Epic Games Store.


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