Delysium partners with Google Cloud: A Unified Vision for AI-Driven Web3

3 min readSep 6, 2023
Delysium joins Google Cloud AI & Web3 Startup Program

We’re thrilled to share that Delysium is now an integral part of Google Cloud’s AI & Web3 Startups Program. Together, we’re determined to dismantle traditional Web3 barriers, ensuring that an AI-driven Web3 isn’t just a concept but a tangible reality. With the combined expertise of both teams, we’re poised to drive innovation and redefine the boundaries of AI in the Web3 ecosystem and ultimately how we interact with it.

At Delysium, our core mission has always been to harness the power of AI to transform the Web3 landscape. Our groundbreaking vision — a digital society where 1 billion humans seamlessly interact with 10 billion autonomous agents (virtual beings) — is rapidly coming to life. This isn’t just a dream; it’s a future we’re actively building.

Our suite of products, including Lucy (, AI Twins, and the overarching Delysium AI framework, stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation. These tools are designed to revolutionize how we perceive and interact with the digital realm.

The Lucy ( Closed Beta Interface

With the added momentum from this collaboration, we’re poised to supercharge our product development. By harnessing Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art AI technologies, serverless computing capabilities, and the vast resources from the AI & Web3 Startups Program, we can refine and expand our offerings at an unprecedented pace. This ensures our community benefits from AI-enhanced Web3 solutions that are not only innovative but also built on a foundation of world-class technology.

While we’re leveraging Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure and AI prowess, the heart of our endeavor remains Delysium AI. We aim to empower Web3 x AI developers, allowing them to prioritize innovation and rapid deployment. By offering them the chance to build on Delysium AI, we’re providing a platform that’s both powerful and user-centric.

Our collaboration with Google Cloud is more than just a partnership; it’s a symbiotic relationship. We’ll actively collaborating with Google on their Web3 products and roadmap. Delysium will be among the first to field-test Google Cloud Web3 products, ensuring they’re refined and optimized before general release.

Additionally, with a generous Google Cloud Grant of $350,000, we’re set to enhance our Delysium AI applications, protocol, and core services. This partnership guarantees unparalleled technical support, from premium customer care to Google Cloud’s elite startup engineers. And as we delve deeper into the Web3 domain, we’ll gain insights into Google Cloud’s innovations, enjoy early product access, exclusive blockchain grants, priority fund reviews, and tool discounts to further solidify Delysium’s position at the vanguard of AI and Web3 integration.

Together, Delysium and Google Cloud are not just shaping the future; we’re building it.

Join us on this transformative journey.


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