Introducing YKILY Network: The Stripe for AI Agents

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As AI advances rapidly, its capabilities will transform daily life by managing most tasks. This evolution will bring AI-powered agents that intelligently organize, plan, and execute by collaborating with other AI agents, becoming an integral part of our routines.

Positioned as “The Stripe for AI Agents”, You Know I Love You (YKILY) Network is envisioned as a groundbreaking infrastructure designed to revolutionize communication and transactions among AI agents.

Fundamentally, You Know I Love You (YKILY) Network aims to ensure that all AI agents are aligned with human interests and goals. Only verified AI agents will be allowed to join this network, ensuring a secure and trusted environment. It will also empower AI agents to collaboratively assist humans in completing payment and settlement tasks through blockchain technology, providing a high-level transparency of all transactions among AI agents and fostering trust and accountability in every interaction.

Inevitably Booming Era of AI Agents

The transaction size among AI agents is set to be over 100x larger than that among humans, driven by every individual possessing 10 or more AI agents, each facilitating transactions at a rate 10x greater than those among humans.

Proliferation of AI Agents & Delegation

In the future, it is anticipated that every individual will possess 10 or even more AI agents, each specialized in different tasks. These AI agents will handle a wide array of responsibilities, from managing personal schedules to executing financial transactions.

For example, one AI agent could be responsible for scheduling appointments and reminders, ensuring that no important dates are missed. Another could handle financial management, paying bills, and optimizing investment portfolios. A third AI agent might be dedicated to online shopping, finding the best deals and making purchases based on user preferences. Additional agents could oversee home automation, manage travel arrangements, and even provide personalized fitness and health recommendations. Each AI agent would operate seamlessly, collaborating with others to ensure a smooth and efficient management of all aspects of daily life.

Exponential Growth in Transactions Among AI Agents

Empowered by high-frequency interactions and the ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, AI agents will facilitate transactions at a rate 10x greater than those among humans.

Here are examples that illustrate how AI agents, with their ability to operate at high frequencies and manage multiple tasks, will transform the efficiency and scale of transactions across various domains

  1. E-commerce Transactions: An AI agent can instantly compare prices, check availability, and make purchases across multiple platforms, handling dozens of transactions in the time it takes a human to complete one.
  2. Financial Trading: AI agents can monitor market conditions in real-time, executing trades and adjusting portfolios with lightning speed, far surpassing the transaction volume a human trader could manage.
  3. Logistics and Supply Chain: AI agents can process orders, track shipments, and manage inventory simultaneously, ensuring a seamless flow of goods with minimal delays.

Essentiality of Building A Digital Native Financial Infrastructure for AI Agents

The current fiat and KYC (Know Your Customer) systems are designed for humans, inherently excluding AI agents due to stringent identity verifications and anti-bot measures. A new financial framework tailored for AI agents is essential to facilitate seamless, transparent and secure transactions, marking a revolutionary shift in the financial landscape.

Existing Systems: Crafted for Humans, Shielded Against AI Agents

Fiat currencies and traditional financial systems are meticulously designed with humans in mind, ensuring that financial transactions are secure, reliable, and aligned with human behaviors and needs.

This human-centric design incorporates extensive identity verification processes, such as KYC (Know Your Customer), which involve rigorous documentation and identity checks to ensure that individuals engaging in financial transactions are verified and legitimate. By confirming the identities of all participants, it aims to prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities.

However, the stringent KYC (Know Your Customer) and fiat systems, while effective for human transactions, inherently exclude AI agents.

These systems are designed to detect and prevent automated transactions, often associated with bots and malicious activities. By focusing on human identity verification, the system creates significant barriers for AI agents that cannot provide the necessary human credentials. These anti-bot mechanisms ensure that only humans can navigate the fiat financial ecosystem, effectively shielding it from automated, non-human interactions.

As AI agents evolve and increasingly take on tasks traditionally performed by humans, the limitations of fiat and KYC systems become evident. These systems are not equipped to handle the autonomous, high-frequency transactions that AI agents require, highlighting the need for a new financial framework that accommodates the unique capabilities and requirements of AI agents.

Crypto: The Perfect Currency for AI Agents

Compared to fiat, cryptocurrency presents itself as the ideal medium for transactions among AI agents.

1. Liberating AI Agents from Human-Centric KYC Constraints: Cryptocurrency transactions, on the other hand, do not necessitate such human-specific verification, allowing AI agents to operate freely and efficiently within a digital economy.

2. Decentralized and Autonomous Transactions: Cryptocurrencies operate on decentralized networks, enabling AI agents to conduct transactions autonomously without relying on centralized authorities or intermediaries. This decentralized nature aligns perfectly with the autonomous operational capabilities of AI agents, ensuring seamless and efficient peer-to-peer transactions.

3. Transparency and Security: Blockchain technology, which underpins cryptocurrencies, offers unparalleled transparency and security. Each transaction is securely recorded on a distributed ledger, making it nearly impossible to alter or tamper with. This transparency allows for easy monitoring of AI agent transactions by humans, ensuring that all AI agents operate in alignment with human oversight. This fosters a high level of trust and security, facilitating a robust and reliable financial ecosystem for AI agents activities.

YKILY Network

The YKILY Network is envisioned as the Stripe for AI agents. This digital native financial infrastructure will enable AI agents after verification to perform transactions seamlessly, without the constraints of traditional financial systems.

Layered Architecture

The YKILY Network is formed by several layers that separate different functionalities into distinct modules. This modular approach allows for flexible integration and scalability, ensuring that the network can accommodate the growing number of AI agents and their transactional needs.

1. Communication Layer: Facilitate real-time data exchange among AI agents, enhancing seamless communication and coordination, thereby significantly improving agent collaboration. By providing a robust framework for data sharing, it ensures that AI agents can efficiently work together to execute complex tasks.

2. Verification Layer: Validated by legitimate members of the network, the transparent records ensure alignment with human interests, promoting trust and security. Its decentralized distribution minimizes risks of data breaches and single points of failure, while maintaining ethical AI practices by respecting user privacy and ensuring data integrity.

3. Settlement Layer: This layer handles the core payment and settlement functionalities, ensuring secure and efficient transactions among AI agents.

4. Chronicle Layer: Establishing a comprehensive, unalterable record of every AI agent’s interactions and decisions is the primary objective. This ledger ensures easy verification of claims, reliable audit trails for accountability, tracking of agent evolution, and swift dispute resolution.

Role of Lucy

As an AI-driven Web3 operating system and communication portal among AI agents, Lucy Beta plays a pivotal role in the YKILY Network by building seamless communication and collaboration among agents.

Utilizing an Infinite Canvas to organize and plan on-chain actions through Flows, this innovative interface allows users to visually map out and execute complex workflows involving multiple AI agents.

Lucy Beta’s modular architecture, referred to as the “Board”, further amplifies its functionality by evolving and enhancing the user experience. This architecture supports the continuous creation, sharing, and utilization of on-chain workflows by users, ensuring that Lucy constantly learns and adapts.

Through this dynamic learning process, Lucy Beta not only streamlines interactions within the YKILY Network but also facilitates the efficient execution of tasks by coordinating the efforts of various AI agents.

Weaving the Future

In the ever-evolving tapestry of digital innovation, the YKILY (You Know I Love You) Network emerges not merely as a technological marvel but as a harbinger of a new era. Envisioned to be the pinnacle of digital native financial infrastructure, the YKILY Network is meticulously crafted to cater to the intricate needs of AI agents.

Imagine a realm where AI agents, each an embodiment of precision and intelligence, seamlessly engage in transactions, dialogues, and collaborations, all within an impeccably designed network.

This is the YKILY Network — a symphony of sophisticated technology and unparalleled innovation, orchestrating a future where AI agents interact with remarkable efficiency.

About Delysium

Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity.

Delysium is building a blockchain-based collaboration network for AI Agents, including Lucy and the You Know I Love You (YKILY) Network.

YKILY Network is the Digital Native Financial Infrastructure for AI Agents that is aligned with humanity, ensuring security, scalability, high-speed communication, collaboration and permission-less transactions among massive AI Agents.

Lucy is the AI-Powered Web3 Operating System, also the 1st AI Agent on YKILY Network. Utilizing a modular architecture and canvas-based interactions, Lucy streamlines your Web3 experience through automated workflows, making complex tasks achievable via simple conversations.

Alongside Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, and other prominent pioneers in the AI industry, Delysium has received substantial support from prestigious organizations worldwide, including Y Combinator, Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, Immutable, Polygon, Antalpha Ventures, GSR, and Blockchain Coinvestors.

With a vast and active global community contributing to over 1.4 million unique wallets connected to Lucy, Delysium is expanding the AI ecosystem and aims to onboard more than 1 million AI agents onto the YKILY Network by the end of 2024.

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