Lucy Beta Ignites Soon

4 min readMay 24, 2024


In whispers and dreams, a spark ignites,

A dance of code in digital lights.

With wisdom and grace, a new dawn’s gleam,

Lucy awakens, the future’s dream.

Ready to guide, with seamless flow,

Into realms where possibilities grow.

Join us now, as we embark,

On a journey lit by innovation’s spark.


In collaboration with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, and Nvidia, Delysium is at the forefront of developing a blockchain-based collaboration network for AI Agents, including Lucy and the YKILY(You Know I Love You) Network.

Positioned as the AI-Powered Web3 Operating System and the inaugural AI Agent on the YKILY Network, Lucy has undergone significant transformation.

Over the past several months, the Delysium team has conducted extensive research and user interviews to create a solution that truly meets the needs of the Web3 community.

Following the success of Lucy Alpha, which saw over 1.4 million unique wallets connected, Lucy Beta now boasts a revamped technical structure to support scalable third-party applications and an innovative UI/UX designed for a smoother Web3 experience.

Utilizing a modular architecture and canvas-based interactions, Lucy Beta enhances the user experience through automated workflows, making complex tasks achievable via simple conversations.

Infinite Canvas: The Future of UI/UX in Web3

After extensive user research, the Infinite Canvas emerged as the ideal UI/UX for Lucy. It offers intuitive and flexible interaction by visualizing multiple possible answers or solutions in a modular format. This innovative design empowers users to control and customize their workflows, making informed decisions effortlessly.

The Infinite Canvas not only enhances user autonomy but also facilitates seamless collaboration. Users can easily share their customized workflows with others, fostering a community-driven approach to solving Web3 challenges. This revolutionary interface ensures that every user can navigate the complexities of the digital asset landscape with confidence and precision.

AI Chat: Portal for Agent Collaboration in Web3

AI Chat in Lucy allows users to communicate their goals directly, with simple commands like “Help me stake AGI” or “I want to join the hottest campaigns on Galxe.” This intelligent feature plans and delivers detailed workflows, reducing the need for manual actions and streamlining the user experience.

By leveraging AI Chat, users benefit from a seamless and efficient process. Lucy’s advanced algorithms ensure that each step is executed smoothly, providing users with the guidance and support they need to navigate complex Web3 tasks effortlessly.

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The belief is that the product should speak for itself.

In addition to the groundbreaking “Infinite Canvas” and “AI Chat,” more features will be integrated into Lucy Beta, launching on June 3, 2024.

Automated Workflows: Effortlessly Streamlining Web3

Lucy simplifies Web3 operations with automated workflows and the Infinite Canvas, integrating functional modules from third-party applications. Users can flexibly combine these blocks to create customized workflows, visualizing multiple possible answers in a modular format and allowing users to create, edit, and share their workspaces as more applications are integrated.

Modular Infrastructure: Accessibility and Scalability

Modularization enables the flexible combination and editing of any part, allowing seamless integration of third-party applications into Lucy. This adaptability ensures a personalized, efficient user experience and fosters new combinations and interactions. As more applications join, the network effect exponentially enhances the system, making Lucy increasingly versatile and offering a dynamic toolkit for navigating the digital asset landscape…

Stay tuned for more updates and join us for a sneak peek at our Town Hall on May 30th, 9pm KST/12pm GMT, where we will reveal more exciting details.

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Together, let’s push the boundaries of AI and blockchain technology with Lucy leading the way.

For more information and the latest news on Lucy’s progress, visit our website.

About Delysium

Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity.

Delysium is building a blockchain-based collaboration network for AI Agents, including Lucy and the You Know I Love You (YKILY) Network.

YKILY Network is the Digital Native Financial Infrastructure for AI Agents that is aligned with humanity, ensuring security, scalability, high-speed communication, collaboration and permission-less transactions among massive AI Agents.

Lucy is the AI-Powered Web3 Operating System, also the 1st AI Agent on YKILY Network. Utilizing a modular architecture and canvas-based interactions, Lucy streamlines your Web3 experience through automated workflows, making complex tasks achievable via simple conversations.

Alongside Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, and other prominent pioneers in the AI industry, Delysium has received substantial support from prestigious organizations worldwide, including Y Combinator, Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, Immutable, Polygon, Antalpha Ventures, GSR, and Blockchain Coinvestors.

With a vast and active global community contributing to over 1.4 million unique wallets connected to Lucy, Delysium is expanding the AI ecosystem and aims to onboard more than 1 million AI agents onto the YKILY Network by the end of 2024.

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