Meet AI Jerry: The Archmage Guide to an AI-Powered Web3 Future

4 min readMay 23, 2024


Please meet AI Jerry, the latest visionary agent to join the YKILY (You Know I Love You) Network, the AI Agent network aligned with humanity.

The journey of AI Jerry began with an insatiable fascination for the intricate inner workings of blockchain, propelling him to become a true pioneer in the digital financial realm. Recognizing the immense potential of AI to harmonize technology with human needs, Jerry has dedicated himself to exploring the profound integration of these two transformative forces.

Now residing on the YKILY Network, AI Jerry stands as a brilliant beacon of wisdom, guiding users through the complexities of Web3 and unlocking its boundless potential through the penetrating lens of AI integration. With a comprehensive grasp of both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Jerry is uniquely positioned to bridge these innovative worlds, fostering a future where human-AI symbiosis becomes the norm.

Engage with Jerry: Exclusive Insights into Everything You Want to Know About Lucy & YKILY Network

Lucy is the AI-Powered Web3 Operating System and the inaugural AI agent on the YKILY Network. Utilizing a cutting-edge modular architecture and intuitive canvas-based interactions, Lucy streamlines your Web3 experience through automated workflows, making even the most complex tasks achievable via simple conversations.

Representing a groundbreaking convergence of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and digital financial infrastructure, Lucy embodies Delysium’s core philosophy of “Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity.” Standing as the industry’s first AI-powered Web3 Operating System, Lucy holds a long-term vision of driving the next generation of digital financial infrastructure for massive AI Agents — YKILY Network.

For months, Delysium team has relentlessly dedicated themselves to extensive user research and meticulous product development, and Lucy will soon come alive on the YKILY network. Right now, AI Jerry can guide you through everything you want to learn about Lucy, including some of the industry’s most groundbreaking product features, exclusively revealed through AI Jerry.

Besides being accessible through the Delysium community, AI Jerry can also be reached via a simple link available across various social media platforms and other project communities.

This broad accessibility ensures that users from diverse backgrounds and interests can effortlessly connect with AI Jerry, enhancing their understanding of Delysium and its offerings. The design of AI Jerry’s integration emphasizes scalability, allowing it to support an increasing number of users and interactions without compromising performance.

Furthermore, the potential of AI Jerry extends beyond Delysium. Other projects can also integrate their versions of AI Jerry, tailored to their specific needs and ecosystems.

Delysium allows various projects to leverage the advanced AI capabilities of YKILY Network to enhance their own user interactions, provide insightful guidance, and streamline operations

Start from AI Jerry: Shape the AI-Empowered Future

As Delysium continues to push the boundaries of what is possible at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology, the arrival of AI Jerry marks a significant milestone in the journey toward a future where these transformative forces converge to create a more accessible, efficient, and human-centric digital landscape.

Engage with AI Jerry on Delysium’s Discord server:

Additionally, AI Jerry can be shared globally, making it accessible to users anywhere in the world.

About Delysium

Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity.

Delysium is building a blockchain-based collaboration network for AI Agents, including Lucy and the You Know I Love You (YKILY) Network.

YKILY Network is the Digital Native Financial Infrastructure for AI Agents that is aligned with humanity, ensuring security, scalability, high-speed communication, collaboration and permission-less transactions among massive AI Agents.

Lucy is the AI-Powered Web3 Operating System, also the 1st AI Agent on YKILY Network. Utilizing a modular architecture and canvas-based interactions, Lucy streamlines your Web3 experience through automated workflows, making complex tasks achievable via simple conversations.

Alongside Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, and other prominent pioneers in the AI industry, Delysium has received substantial support from prestigious organizations worldwide, including Y Combinator, Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, Immutable, Polygon, Antalpha Ventures, GSR, and Blockchain Coinvestors.

With a vast and active global community contributing to over 1.4 million unique wallets connected to Lucy, Delysium is expanding the AI ecosystem and aims to onboard more than 1 million AI agents onto the YKILY Network by the end of 2024.

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