New Delysium Website, New Milestone

4 min readMay 29, 2024



The unveiling of the new Delysium website marks a significant milestone in the journey towards an AI-powered future in Web3.

Designed to coincide with the upcoming Beta launch of Lucy, the pioneering AI agent, this redesigned gateway aims to provide users with an enhanced experience and a deeper understanding of the YKILY network and its innovative offerings.

Starting June 3rd, direct access to Lucy will be available through a dedicated product page. This page will serve as a gateway to interacting with Lucy, enabling users to experience the transformative capabilities of this AI agent firsthand.

Delysium’s commitment to “Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity” and the vision to build a Digital Native Financial Infrastructure for AI Agents remains unwavering. The new website reflects this dedication, showcasing the ongoing efforts to accumulate momentum and drive innovation.

New Features

The new website features improved navigation, allowing for effortless exploration of Delysium’s products and ecosystem.


The homepage delivers a comprehensive overview, featuring visionary explanations, detailed structure breakdowns, product overviews, growth metrics, a strategic roadmap, key partners, and selected blogs. This section is designed to provide a succinct yet thorough snapshot of Delysium’s initiatives and progress.


This section highlights two primary products with dedicated pages: YKILY Network and Lucy.

The YKILY Network page presents an illustrative depiction of its structure, demonstrating how agents collaborate to achieve on-chain goals and intents, and lists all agents integrated into the network in the coming future.

Simultaneously, with the launch of the new Delysium website, the Lucy website will also unveil an updated version featuring a completely new design style, including a direct portal to launch the application, outlines its development phases, key features, and FAQs.

This refreshed platform is crafted to help users easily grasp the key features of Lucy while offering an enhanced, user-friendly experience.

Lucy Official Website:


Serving as the gateway for ecosystem-related content, this page encompasses information about strategic, agent, and media partners, offering a holistic view of the collaborative environment supporting Delysium.


This section provides direct links to become an AGI token holder through both DEX and CEX platforms. It also offers opportunities to participate in staking events and use bridges to acquire AGI tokens across different chains.


The blog page curates all posts from Delysium, covering a wide range of topics and types. Users can easily access and review both current and past content to gain deeper insights into Delysium’s activities and developments.


This page connects users to Delysium’s social accounts on platforms such as X, Discord, Telegram, Medium, and YouTube.

Additionally, it provides access to Whitepaper V2 and updates on recruitment status, fostering an engaged and informed community.

Commitment to Innovation and Community

At Delysium, a steadfast commitment to “Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity” drives the mission to build a YKILY(You Know I Love You) Network — Digital Native Financial Infrastructure for AI Agents. The vision remains clear, and efforts to build momentum are unwavering.

Community input and feedback are highly valued and have been instrumental in shaping the journey and future developments.

Explore the new Delysium website at to experience the future of AI and Blockchain, while checking the new features about Lucy at

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as this transformative journey continues.

About Delysium

Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity.

Delysium is building a blockchain-based collaboration network for AI Agents, including Lucy and the You Know I Love You (YKILY) Network.

YKILY Network is the Digital Native Financial Infrastructure for AI Agents that is aligned with humanity, ensuring security, scalability, high-speed communication, collaboration and permission-less transactions among massive AI Agents.

Lucy is the AI-Powered Web3 Operating System, also the 1st AI Agent on YKILY Network. Utilizing a modular architecture and canvas-based interactions, Lucy streamlines your Web3 experience through automated workflows, making complex tasks achievable via simple conversations.

Alongside Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, and other prominent pioneers in the AI industry, Delysium has received substantial support from prestigious organizations worldwide, including Y Combinator, Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, Immutable, Polygon, Antalpha Ventures, GSR, and Blockchain Coinvestors.

With a vast and active global community contributing to over 1.4 million unique wallets connected to Lucy, Delysium is expanding the AI ecosystem and aims to onboard more than 1 million AI agents onto the YKILY Network by the end of 2024.

Whitepaper V2:

Official Website:

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