Unlock the Chance to Win Big with $AGI DIAMOND HAND TICKETS Lottery Event

3 min readNov 26, 2023


1. Purchase at least 1 ticket for 10,000 AGI to enter. Purchasing more than one ticket will bring you closer to potential winnings! Flexibility to exchange back to AGI anytime.

2. Holding is Winning! Keep your ticket until the last day to be eligible for rewards.

3. More tickets mean higher chances of winning.

4. Get in early and hold your tickets for a minimum of 3 days to become eligible for the 10th day Jackpot draws.

How to Join the $AGI Lottery Excitement

The rules of entry are straightforward:

  1. Buy Your Ticket: Start by purchasing at least one ticket. Each ticket costs 10,000 AGI. Want to amplify your chances? Purchase multiple tickets to increase your potential to win.
  2. Hold to Win: Once you have your ticket, hold onto it. To be eligible for the daily rewards, you need to keep your ticket until the end of the event. Snapshots for the daily jackpot occur at 20:00 GMT+9 | 11:00 GMT+0., ensuring fair play and transparency.
  3. Flexibility: Changed your mind? You have the option to exchange your ticket back to AGI at any point. However, remember that you must be holding your ticket on the last day to claim any rewards.
  4. Final Day Jackpot: For those looking to hit the big time, secure your tickets early and hold them for at least three days to be eligible for the grand finale on the 10th day, where the Jackpot draws will take place.

Understanding the Prize Structure

The lottery isn’t just about the final draw; there are rewards to be won every day. Here’s a closer look at the prize details as outlined in the event image:

  • Daily Prizes: The event kicks off with a early bird prize pool $35,000 on Day 1, followed by $10,000 per day from Day 2 to Day 9.
  • Tiered Wins: Prizes are tiered, meaning the more tickets you hold, the higher the tier and the bigger the potential win. Tier 0 has the largest individual prize, while Tier 3 allows for the most winners.
  • Final Jackpot: On Day 10, the prize pool shoots back up to $35,000, giving participants a chance to end the event with a significant win.

Elaborate Rules and Details

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper into the nitty-gritty:

  • Ticket Purchase: Tickets can only be bought with AGI [BEP-20]. Make sure to bridge your AGI to the BSC Network before joining the lottery.
  • Eligibility: You must hold your ticket before the daily snapshot to be eligible for that day’s draw. If you exchange your ticket back before the snapshot, you forfeit the chance for that day’s reward.
  • No Risk, High Return: This event is designed as a no-risk, high-return opportunity. If you buy tickets and hold them without winning, you can still exchange them back to AGI.

The $AGI DIAMOND HAND TICKETS Lottery Event is a unique chance to be part of something big this winter. With a daily chance to win and a no-risk approach. Are you ready to make your $AGI moves?


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